Multi-Genre Project
"And every one of them words rang true and glowed like burnin' coal pourin' off of every page like it was written on my soul from me to you.." Bob Dylan

 Genre - A genre is a type of writing. A short story, novel, poem, a journal, and a cartoon are examples of different types of genres.


This quarter you will be creating  a multi-genre notebook about a real life person in your project. You will choose indelible moments from the past to create a sense of who that person was. 

Each of the  genres must be at least  250 words, and kept in a notebook.    Also along with your genres you will need a cover page, and an introduction, explaining what the reader needs to know before reading notebook. 

You should also have a sense of unity in the genre notebook. You can do this by providing the reader with recurring
images or phrases that will help the reader better understand you central theme. No matter what genre you are
working in, the theme must be developed


Two pieces of writing from the following group.

advice column apology letter editorial news article
feature article documentary journal diary
character sketch letter newsletter interview 
eyewitness account parable  internal monologue memory
romance the day in the life of eulogy encyclopedia entry

Two pieces of writing from the following group.

obituary gift certificate advertisement lyrics
recipe instruction booklet internal monologue job application
dialogue with a person letter memo Poems 
society page news top ten list post card

Two pieces of writing from the following group.

graphs/charts comics book jacket photos with or without captions
travel poster scrapbook page collage posters
book jacket family tree greeting card