Quindaro Research Checklist

Write a summary of the underground railroad site as described there.

       ________ Follow the Drinking Gourd -  History
       ________Follow the Drinking Gourd - Songs of Freedom
     _________Hariet Tubman's Escape
     _________THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD  _ What Is it?
     __________Abolitionists - Underground Railroad Conductors
      ________   Summary of the Underground Railroad
      ___________List the characteristics of an underground railroad site
Write a summary of the Quindaro' importance as an  underground railroad site as described there.

          _________Greenbaum, Susan.  The Afro-American Community in Kansas City, Kansas:  

           ______ "Diligent Search, But No Tunnel"

            - - -.  "The Tunnel, No Legend".  28 October  1959.

            - - -.  " Neglected Point of Interest."  28 October 1959.

           - - -.    "Tunnel Dispute Rages".  November 8, 1959.

          ______Mudge, Melville, ed.   "Benjamin Franklin Mudge: A Letter from Quindaro,"  Kansas
          History 19 No. 3 (Winter 1990) : 218-222.   Discusses slave catchers and slave
          escapes in Quindaro.
           _____Nichols, Clarina I. H.  "Letter of Mrs. C. I. H. Nichols,"  Wyandotte Gazette. 29
          December  1882.  Discusses slaves being hidden in Quindaro.

_________Classify the sources as oral, written, primary or Secondary

_________ Gather the evidence that Quindaro was an important stop on the underground railroad.