The Immigration Of Blacks To Kansas

Alicia Johnson

    This project is a spin-off of  the census study of Delaware Township, Kansas.  I looked at the immigration of blacks to Kansas in Delaware and found very few numbers of blacks who immigrated to that Township from 1875-1885.  I decided to look at Quindaro Township, a spot where there is a large African American popu;ation today.

    I used the same sources such as in the Delaware project, the 1875 and 1885 Kansas State Census.   I did not count them as African Americans, but I did count them in their own group. The Mulatto and Indians are on a separate chart .   In the 1875 and 1885 census, in two different townships one census taker found no reason to separte people of color and the other did.  Either there weren't any Mulattos and Indians in Delaware Township,  or he just didn't count them.

    When I counted the African Americans on the census of Quindaro 1875 and 1885 these are the numbers I found:

1875: total whites 1370, total blacks 590, total Indians

1885: total whites 1362, total blacks 517,  total mulatto 67.

    The numbers of African Americans dropped from 1875 to 1885; this is not what I would expect if the Exodus was supposed to have brought so many blacks to Kansas.  Since the Quindaro Underground Railroad was in this township I expected the number of blacks to be higher than I found.  However, most blacks lived in Wyandotte Township, and so the next spin-off research should look at Wyandotte Township, Kansas. 

 African Americans listed on the 1875 Quindaro Township Census.

African Americans listed on the 1885 Quindaro Township Census.

Research Project on African American Migration to Delaware Township, Kansas