Self-guided research units teach students the tools of  research using community themes

        The units found on this page are tutorials designed to teach students how to research.  They each begin with a research question that addresses a seminal event in our community.  All of the resources needed to research this question are on-line here.  There are mini-lessons in how to take notes, evaluate sources, organize sources and how to write a research paper.

    More importantly, each tutorial ends by asking students to create spin-off research based on their research and to choose another genre to report their findings.  The student research  created by these tutorials and by spinning off of these tutorials is found on the Student Research Page.

    The Shooting 
      of Roy Martin
  Determine the innocence or guilt of Louis Gregory in this 1904 killing  that segregated the high schools in Kansas City, Kansas


African American Immigration to Kansas City, Kansas

Use the census records to trace the migration of Black Southerners to Kansas after the Civil War, then join the project for your area.

 Old Quindaro: 
   Railroad Site?

Examine the evidence and determine if Old Quindaro was a site on the Underground Railroad that deserves to be saved.

     Coming To 

Use census records to research the Swedish Immigration to Wolcott, Kansas, then join the project for your area.

The Conley Sisters' Defense of Huron Cemetery

Debate  the methods of two sisters, one a self-professed witch and the other a lawyer, to save the cemetery. Use it for a discussion of civil protest in your community.

The Founding of Sumner High School.

Was the founding of Sumner High School and example of 
racial cooperation after an unfortunate racial incident, or did the racism of the times make segregation  at the secondary level inevitable?