Third Quarter Projects

Pictures of Lewis and Clark 
Pictures of  Senior 
Field Trip
    Pictures of Quindaro 
Clean up

  You must complete one of the following projects to receive credit for this course. You will be given class time to meet with your group and work on projects, but some of the work will have to take place after the school day.
Basic Task To Be Completed
Lewis and Clark
Complete a documentary on students 
 who traveled the Lewis and Clark trail. 
Need to be available all of October 31st. 
Group Members
Old Quindaro
Participate in cleaning up of site. 
Need to be available to go to site after school. 
Transportation needed. 
Group Members
Participate in entering information on settlers in Wyandotte County. 
Need to have a computer at home and/or early release. 
Group Members
Vietnam Memorial
Raise money to engrave names on slab. 
Need to be available to make presentation. 
Transportation needed. 
Group Members

Grinter House
Assist at Functions on Grinter site 
Gather information on Grinters and coordinate with early settlers. 
Group Members

Project Leaders

There will be two project leaders for each project.  Teachers will have the final decision on who will be project leaders.
Students who wish to be project leaders will submit the same materials listed below for project members, but they will apply to be leaders rather than project members. Basic qualifications for a project leader include: at least a C average, exemplary attendance and disciplinary records.

Project leaders will choose project members based on the following:

Before being allowed to work in any project, you must create or demonstrate: Once projects are chosen, each project member  is responsible for: Project Leaders must demonstrate the above skills as well as keep track of their project members'  work and progress.  Project leaders who accomplish the project objective will receive an A for the year in English IV  as long as their class work grade is at a minimum of a C.  This applies only to the grade for Washington High School.