Lewis & Clark  in Wyandotte County
The Kansas City Area
A teacher's guide for visiting area sites

On May 14, 1804, President Jefferson sent Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lt. William Clark, along with 41 men  "to trace the Missouri to its source, to cross the Highlands, and follow the best water communication which offered itself from thence to the Pacific Ocean."  This Corps of Discovery camped in Wyandotte County and at several other area locations.
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Wyandotte County Museum
Wyandotte County 
Lewis and Clark Taskforce

Kaw's Point - Kansas City, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library 
Sites Outside of Wyandotte County
Clark's Point
Kansas City,Missouri
  Fort Osage,
Sibley,  Missouri

Leavenworth,  Kansas
Atchison, Kansas

                Written Sources

LEWIS & CLARK, Background & Kaw Point

Kansas Journals of William Clark


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